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Microneedling and Skin Classic treatments are NOT regulated by the Arizona State Board of Nursing or Cosmetology

and should only be performed by a trained skin-care professional.

Please be aware there are many factors that make certain procedures/treatments contraindicated.  These may include medications and/or certain health conditions.  These factors will be reviewed at initial consultation.

Payment policy:

All  payment is due at time of service.  

No refunds will be given.  

Touch ups for injections are NOT included in initial payment and

will incur additional fee. 

Payment is accepted in form of

cash, debit or credit card.


Progress takes time!!!  One treatment is not enough to correct underlying issues.  Professional home care, daily sunscreen (yes, daily!), eating clean, exercising, drinking PLENTY of water and being good to yourself along with continued services are the ideal ways we can work together to make you love your results!


Right of Refusal

I understand that things come up unexpectedly, and you may need to cancel your scheduled appointment. However, without a 24-hour cancellation notice, an inconvenience fee of $50 will be charged. 

Building a lasting, trusting relationship with my clients is vitally important to me.  However, as a licensed professional, if I feel a requested treatment is not beneficial or may do harm/damage, I have the right to refuse for your safety and best interests.  Working together, we can make your goals a reality! 

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