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Looking for a custom package? 

Ready to learn more about if skin classic treatments are right for you? Contact us today! 

What are Skin Classic Treatments?

Using a high-frequency electro-desiccation machine, minor skin irregularities are dehydrated using  a thin, surgical steel



This allows the small imperfections to slowly scab over and slough. Common treatment areas are face, neck, arms, décolleté,

and hands.   

Skip the high cost of laser treatments, cryotherapy and medication for minor irregularities! Let me help you with those

troublesome spots with the Skin Classic!

What to Expect 

Treatments are generally quick and do not require numbing cream (although this is available if needed).


Minor discomfort may be felt during the process, but generally is tolerated very well.


Depending on size, number, and type of imperfections, a treatment can take10-30 minutes.

Common Irregularities

Common irregularities can include, but is not limited to: 


Cherry angiomas

Broken capillaries

Sebaceous hyperplasia


Clogged pores

Acne cysts

Sun-damage spots (liver spots)

Skin tags


Due to the nature of these imperfections being on the epidermal level,

there is minimal chance for scarring.

Pricing begins at $35 per irregularity to be treated

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